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Hair loss is a major concern for a number of men and women, whether it is caused by age, genetics, hormones, health conditions, or years of over-styling. With current advances in research within the hair restoration industry, new procedures have been created to help combat the problem. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an emerging nonsurgical treatment for individuals that is showing remarkable benefits in slowing, stopping, and even reversing hair loss. PRP has shown promising results in individuals with alopecia areata and thinning eyebrows. Our staff at The Secret Orchid is one of only a small handful of hair restoration experts to perform this revolutionary treatment in Hillsborough Township, NJ. By mixing a powerful solution of hair growth factors and bioactive proteins, Dr. DeLucia can help strengthen your hair, resulting in thicker, longer, healthy locks.

The PRP treatment session begins with a blood sample from you and placing it in a centrifuge machine to separate the platelets from the remainder of the blood components. A local anesthetic is then applied to your scalp, and the platelet-rich plasma is injected into regions of the head that are balding or thinning. The PRP solution penetrates deep into the skin to promote your body's natural wound-healing response. There's no recovery period necessary after this process with practically no limitations or constraints. If anything, patients may develop some redness, minor swelling, and mild tenderness to the treated regions. These symptoms might last up to 48 hours. While results differ for each individual, cosmetic results are usually noticed around 4 – 6 months after the first treatment and can continue to improve for as much as a full year following therapy. Since PRP is not a permanent solution for reversing hair loss, repeat sessions are suggested every 12 – 18 months. It's necessary to remember that PRP doesn't grow new hair follicles in places where you are already bald. It's utilized to reverse the miniaturization of hair follicles so they will produce healthier, thicker, longer hair fibers.

Amazing: I did the O-shot with Dr. Delucia along with the Femilift - I did the O-shot with Dr. Delucia along with the Femilift. At first I was so nervous thinking it would be this dreadful experience. It was the total opposite. Dr. Delucia is wonderful, bubbly and super nice. She explained everything that would happen before she did it. Set me at ease. It was a great experience, no pain whatsoever. Just a slight discomfort at times aside from that it was great. I went home and a week later, started using my new and improved self! I am menopausal so this helped me a lot. You become more sensitive and definitely more lubricated. You have more arousal and climax faster. I look forward to getting this done every year. It's helped greatly. I feel more confident with myself. Thankfully I picked the best Doctor!

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Dr. DeLucia is one of the kindest GYN's I have ever met! I've been to other GYN's before and I've never felt so comfortable with someone like I do with her. She makes me feel good about myself and she's so understanding. I would highly recommend her to everybody! She's just that great!

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Very warm and friendly physican. Highly recommend.

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Dr. Delucia is the FIRST gynecologist that I felt ever actually LISTENED to me. I went through several before finding her. Needless to say, I have now been coming to her for somewhere between 15 & 20 years!!! She never makes you feel rushed and her staff is friendly and helpful!!

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Five Stars - love her hard to get apts so booked

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PRP hair loss treatment is a clinically backed alternative for individuals struggling to choose between hair loss solutions. At The Secret Orchid, we strive to provide innovative solutions to efficiently address thinning hair. To learn more about PRP sessions, we ask you to contact our Hillsborough Township, NJ facility now.

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How much does PRP therapy for hair cost?

The price of PRP therapy will vary based on how many treatments are needed. In your consultation, Dr. DeLucia will develop your treatment plan to maximize your outcomes. Then, we can discuss the cost of your PRP session and inform you about payment methods accepted at The Secret Orchid.

Can PRP be done in combination with other hair treatments?

Many people combine different services with PRP therapy, like topical serums you put on at home, microneedling, and others. Dr. DeLucia will assess your scalp and the extent of hair loss prior to developing your personalized treatment plan. She will explain what onsite therapies are advised for your specific case and any home products that can work for you between treatments.

How often should I have PRP treatments?

Many people require a minimum of three PRP appointments scheduled 30 days apart to notice outcomes. Your individual PRP treatment outline will depend on the extent of lost hair and your objectives. According to this, Dr. DeLucia will recommend how many PRP treatments you may schedule and how frequently you may want to schedule them to promote your hair growth. If your condition is more serious, our professionals might recommend more treatment initially, which could happen less often after you begin to notice results.

How effective is PRP therapy at treating hair loss?

The results of your PRP therapy depend on the severity of your hair loss, the quantity of treatments you require, and different factors. You should also attempt to be patient about your outcomes, as it takes time for fresh hair growth to become visible. At your first visit, Dr. DeLucia will discuss if you are a good candidate and what results you may realistically get. You may need to continue to schedule PRP therapy to keep your results and avoid more hair loss.

Are the PRP injections painful?

When the PRP is being formulated, a numbing agent will be applied to your scalp to keep you at ease during the PRP process. The anesthetic helps to diminish your discomfort throughout the treatment. Your scalp may stay numb or tingle for some time after your treatment; however, this is temporary, and the feeling will come back before long.

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