Vaginal Dryness and Pain New York NY

By: Dr. Carolyn DeLucia

Vagina dryness is more common than most women assume. A healthy person who has intercourse without enough stimulation will experience dryness. Vaginal dryness affects up to 85% of women above age 40 and 59% of those below the same period. It is problematic because you cannot treat it with simple estrogen creams and washing lotions. Many women do not know they can address root issues with many modern and dazzling technologies.

What to expect from our modern and natural remedies for vaginal dryness? 


?Health bodies recommend visiting a gynecologist at least once each year for an annual checkup. The screening evaluates your external and internal mechanisms to formulate an appropriate treatment. The vaginal dryness basics exams will include the following processes:?  

  • A physical exam to measure vital signs like the body mass index 
  • Questions about the overall health 
  • Accurate abdomen palpitation analysis 
  • Blood or urine test 
  • Blood pressure 


The healing solution by Dr. DeLucia treats more than simple vaginal dryness and pain. Most of our approaches focus on the skin in the vulva to increase collagen, stimulate elastin production and add plumpness to the outer tissue. You will enjoy increased sensation during sex, healthier and longer libido, pain-free intimacy, and decreased incontinence.

Widespread vaginal dryness and pain treatments 


This treatment is revolutionary and offers complete rejuvenation to stimulate collagen production. Consequentially, you will have more blood flow and lubrication to eliminate dryness while restoring elasticity and strength.

Femilift gives noticeable results with quick and effortless processes. The treatments are non-invasive and gentle for the thinnest vaginal tissues. Most women need one session to enjoy two years of comfort, health, and pleasure. A few cases that require more than one treatment should visit the clinic every four or six weeks for subsequent treatment. Femilift is more comfortable than most other therapies, with considerably longer results.


HRT is best for menopausal women because it increases the hormones that revitalize health and sexual energy. It will treat more than a dry vagina by reducing chills, night sweats, hot flushes, and irregular periods. Our facility performs or requires you to have a comprehensive health report to ensure you are eligible for treatment. It is standard practice not to administer HRT to candidates with cancer, pregnancy, blood clots, heart attack, and common seizures.

Dr. LeLucia’s professional qualifications


Gynecologists should have certificates from a graduate school to open a practice. Our top doctor has eight years of medical study and training and four additional obstetric gynecology years. Our treatment's unique qualities include diagnosing more than vaginal atrophy and pain to offer well-rounded solutions. 


Doctors with baggage malpractice lawsuits have a history of mistreating patients and misrepresenting their skills. It is best to work with a gynecologist who has a clean reputation to back up their portfolio.

Our entire team has expertise in their area of focus so that you can enjoy a smooth intake, screening, and treatment. Contact our office to speak to Dr. DeLucia about your needed health service on vaginal dryness causes and treatments.

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