Dryness of Vagina New York NY

By: Dr. Carolyn DeLucia

Vagina dryness's basic definition indicates a low level of estrogen. Estrogen is a female hormone that keeps the vagina healthy, lubricated, and thick along with comfortable and pleasant sex. It plays an important part in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Vaginal dryness is a common problem when reaching menopause. As women grow, estrogen level decreases making the vagina lining thin, less elastic, drier, and pink and blue in color. These changes cite discomfort during intercourse.

Light bleeding after intercourse, irritation, itching, or burning of the vagina or vaginal discharge, and pain during sex leading to loss of interest in sex are some of the symptoms of vaginal dryness. According to research, 20% of women go for vaginal dryness treatment but in actual 40% to 50% of women experience symptoms.

Vagina dryness causes and treatments? 


  • Childbirth and breast-feeding 
  • Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation 
  • “Surgical menopause,” when surgically ovaries are removed 
  • Anti-estrogen drugs used for breast cancer or endometriosis, such as Lupron or Zoladex 
  • Smoking 
  • Severe depression and stress 
  • Use of some antidepressant have sexual side effects such as vagina dryness and difficulty having an orgasm 
  • Sjögren’s syndrome. The vagina tissue lining can be inflamed resulting in vaginal dryness. This situation is called complex autoimmune disorder in which inflammation of salivary and tear glands takes place. 
  • Antihistamines: Cold and allergy symptoms are treated with drugs such as diphenhydramine can stimulate vaginal dryness and trouble urinating.


1) Topical estrogen cream: Most common forms of treatment are estrogen therapies in which cream is applied over the vaginal area to alleviate symptoms. Estrogen therapies include: 

  • Vaginal ring(Estring): This is a ring that continuously releases estrogen and is placed inside the vagina. The ring has to be changed after 90 days. 
  • Vaginal cream (Estrace, Premarin): This is an effective and powerful treatment in which an applicator is used to apply the cream into the vagina. 
  • Vaginal tablet (vagifem): Tablet is placed inside the vagina with the help of an applicator.

2) Over-the-counter treatments: Over-the-counter treatments such as lubricants are accessible to use during intercourse to help maintain moisture and likewise less pain and peaceful sex. Water-based lubricant is preferable over oil-based. There are natural lubricants such as jojoba, coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E suppositories.

3) Vaginal moisturizers: Moisturizers are used to maintain vaginal natural moisture.

4) Natural remedies: There are many natural remedies for vaginal dryness and several lifestyle changes can help you get over it.

  • Leave smoking: Smoking causes a decrease in estrogen. Giving up on smoking aid in solving your problem. 
  • Sex life: Increase sex activity, increases blood circulation to genitals keeping them healthy. Proper foreplay and arousal help with vaginal dryness. 
  • Perfumed product: Some perfumed products and lubricants such as soap, and powder cause irritation, and dryness to the vagina. Vagina itself contains good bacteria and is self-cleaning, you should avoid using fragrant products in sensitive areas. 
  • Exercise: Dryness due to hormonal change can be less likely if regular exercise is done. 
  • Well-hydrated: An adequate amount of water and fluids helps maintain body moisture. 
  • Diet: Food that contains phytoestrogens such as tofu, nuts, seeds, and soy can improve vaginal dryness. 
  • Underwear: Good cotton underwear that allows airflow should be used as underwear of synthetic material can cause irritation and dryness.

Vaginal dryness and pain are associated with each other and are a popular symptom in women with no severe health issues but can be a source of distress. Therefore visit women's health and contact Dr. Carolyn DeLucia M.D and avail beat treatment for your problem.

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